Beth Allyn

Peggy Lee Kennedy


Hi Mary,

A friend just shared your “Venice is a Poem” with me. Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would love to meet you and have you share your memories regarding this very special place with me. I love our little piece of Heaven on Earth.  Regardless, I wish you all the best and thanks again for sharing your memories with all of us.

Peace and Light,

Beth Allyn


Dear Beachhead,

The 2nd Annual Sleep Out for the unHoused/homeless was successful in many ways. The food was incredible: hummus, breads, pies, salads, vegetarian chili, rice, soup, chips, dips, lots of fruits and vegetables plus more food (I can’t remember it all). The movie, Rubber Tramps, was very well received. The music, dancing, and the speakers were entertaining. A free yoga class was conducted and the unHoused Game was simply incredible. The organizers, Occupy Venice, were very organized and things went off almost without a hitch. The characters were a plenty and it is Venice so we have a few stories to laugh about later. I think everyone had fun and some awareness was raised with the theme of this year’s sleep out. We need to try to come together as a community and work toward positive humane solutions to homelessness. And we need to tell our public officials that’s what we want.

Peggy Lee Kennedy


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