Buddy Clark’s Store on Lincoln – by Lisa Green

Dear Beachhead – by Don Schraier


Dear Beachhead,

I wanted to let others know that Buddy Clark has opened a thrift store on Lincoln Blvd. The address is 835 Lincoln Blvd., at the intersection of Lincoln Blvd and Brooks, across from the pet store. The hours are 7 – 7, seven days a week. Buddy spoke of his desire to open a thrift store in town that would also work as place for meetings, as well as a technological hub. Well, he did it! Stop by to buy, sell, or trade merchandise. My friend, Gerry has already booked the space for an upcoming event, another friend, Clay is doing computer repairs onsite, and today, as I was meeting with Buddy about his vision, my friend Antoinette arrived to drop off donations, as guided on the phone by another friend, Ivonne. Buddy envisions a community thrift store and wants suggestions, so tell him what’s on your mind!!

Lisa Green,

Venice Artist

Dear Beachhead,

Do you think your mission of a Free Venice might be a little outdated?

The Beat, the HIppie eras have been over for fifty, sixty years now.  Beachfront properties are very expensive.  Do you still think Venice must be a haven to the homeless and the marginally indigent?  Venice Beach has had a longer than usual run and it might be time to be thankful we had that and try to adjust to the time that is now.

Don Schraier, 40 year Venice resident

The Beachhead Collective responds: No, Sir. We completely disagree


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