Little Free Library

If you walk around Venice, you might notice little boxes in front of houses. On closer examination, it says “Little Free Library – Take a book, leave a book.” Apparently this is part of a nation wide effort to put books in peoples’ hands. It’s a library that is free, with no supervision and no fines. There is a box in front of Venice High School, and another in back of the school. I’ve seen another one on Walnut and Superba, and on Amoroso.

This is a great idea, and it’s part of the “Pay It Forward” movement. I’ve gotten a lot of books and taken a lot back. It’s a great way to get books in the hands of people who love books and aren’t ready to surrender to “Kindle”. It’s hard to lay in bed, holding your laptop and reading a book electronically. This is an idea perfect for Venice, with its reputation of taking things into their own hands. It’s such a nice surprise, to be walking along and find these little book boxes, full of books waiting to be explored. Thank you to all the book lovers. – Mary Getlein


Categories: Education, Mary Getlein

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