by c. purein

look for the guy in the corner
for he knows loneliness and self loathing
if you are from the future
why are you here?
to set things right
so you can move forward
this is why we do not time travel
things like this
can never be undone.
the heart is fixed
no matter how many tries
i will always love You.
you have always left
still feeling
that same rip
from aeons ago
if you want to be free
this time
or take me with you
you can break my heart
or the laws of time
obey time
and nothing streams.
please your heart
and break the barrier
i love you
receive it.
then all things
will break free
and nothing
not anything
can stop the flow
of infinity
love realized
don’t be afraid
to feel good
You deserve it


Categories: Poetry

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