The February Beachhead Is Here.

But it needs to be there, in your hands where you may admire it, you may laugh at it, you may curse it because that’s how we roll.     Mike Bonin might be cursing John Davis’s article, that’s how he rolls with his staff.  Half of everybody is cursing Snapchat, and Mark Ryavec,  and cursing that Fake News story about MRSA among the homeless that Ryavec and Yovenice were promoting.  Please send us your thoughts about the CD11 City Council Election.  Venice played a large role in helping Santa Monica become “The People’s Republic of Santa Monica”.  Senior care stories.  Poems.  I tell you he’s not my President!

Arise, to the call of alternative media, distribute the Beachhead, write for the Beachhead. It’s yours.  You can download it here:


Categories: Beachhead, Venice

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