Sunday July 22, 2018 One Night only! 7:00 PM

Jacki Apple and Anna Homler join the fatally fabulous Linda J. Albertano
for an evening of performance readings, vocals, and sonic excursions, raves,
prophesies, healings, and words of warning for dangerous times.
Some old, some new, a little blues, and a dash of dark humor delivered with a silver tongue,
sharp teeth, a seductive smile, and great style.
Back together for the first time in twenty-five years the three artists will have a lot to say
about the things that keep us up at night.
Anna Homler with Michael Intriere:
Transmissions from Inner and Outer Space “Improvisations for voice, toys and cello in invented languages.”
Jacki Apple with guest Linda J. Albertano: You Don’t Need A Weatherman
“Climate change blues. Read the signs, listen to the wind, and watch the skies.”
Linda J. Albertano & guest performers: Broken Dada Outlaw
“Broken hearts, broken bones, broken nation.”
Beyond Baroque, 681 No. Venice Blvd. Venice, CA 90291


Categories: Art, Music, Poetry

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