Welcome to the Free Venice Beachhead.

This is the text of articles beginning in 2008.

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    • Letter to the Editor (S),
      S. A. Gerber here. I submitted two (2) poems to your publication 05-07-17, entitled, “Place” and “Extinguish”. I never heard good, bad, or otherwise from you guys. TODAY…01-25-18 I looked at my page on-line, and I see that they were both included in your October ’17th, Vol.# 430 publication! Jeez folks, ya’ could’a let me know. I still would like a few copies for bragging rights anyway. Maybe we can get in touch and rectify this. I have much more for your consideration.
      Thank you for the silent inclusion just the same.

      Yours in Word,
      -S. A. (Steven) Gerber-


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